How the Dyn DDoS attack crippled the internet and how to protect from similar attacks

Dyn DDos Attack

Imagine life in your city if all of the street signs suddenly vanished?

That is fairly close to what happened on large parts of the internet last week after a series of large and sophisticated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on US internet performance management company Dyn.

With Dyn effectively providing the easy to read internet addresses to a host of big companies including Twitter, Amazon, Reddit, Netflix, New York Times, Pandora and Pinterest to name a few, millions of internet users who just type in these names were suddenly left flying blind.

There are many theories about where the attack might have come from and what motivated it but the important thing is to work out how to limit your vulnerability to such an attack.

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Cyren 2015 Q1 Cyberthreat Trend Report

Tesserent Cyren Q1 Cyberthreat Trend Report

May 29, 2015  – Gregor Jeffery

Tesserent security partner Cyren recently published their 2015 Q1 Cyberthreats Trend Report.

This new report highlights the threats to businesses from breaches of popular cloud-based productivity tools as well as incidences of popular websites that were compromised to host malware. Cyren provides comprehensive statistics on the threat landscape and takes a deeper look at some techniques that the criminals are using to gain access to enterprise networks including:

  • Web malware
  • Email attachments – macro malware
  • Breaches to Slack and HipChat social collaboration services

We hope that by covering these threats in more detail, readers of the report can arm themselves with the knowledge and tools to better protect their organisation and its data from cyber criminals.

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