Security Update: What everybody needs to know about the Bash vulnerability Shell Shock

bash shell shock vulnerability tesserent blog

September 26, 2014  – Steven Lynch Bash Shell Code Injection Vulnerability, CVE-2014-6271 (aka: Shell Shock) You may have already read about the recent bash shell code injection vulnerability, allowing an attacker to bypass imposed environment restrictions using specially constructed environment variables. This issue affects all products which use the Bash shell and parse values of environment […]

Cyren report shows 73 percent increase in PayPal phishing URLs

Tesserent CYREN Phishing Report

June 4, 2014  – Gregor Jeffery Tesserent security partner Cyren recently published their 2014 Q1 Internet Threats Trend Report. Phishing attacks continued to be prominent in the first quarter of 2014, including the traditional targets of PayPal and Apple, as well as a disturbing new wave of attacks using residential IP address space and personal […]

Heartbleed Security Bug: Vulnerability in OpenSSL discovered


April 9, 2014  – Keith Glennan On 7 April 2014, a serious flaw in OpenSSL was announced ( OpenSSL is a toolkit that implements that the Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security protocols. It is widely used to implement security and privacy in web servers (including the most popular web server, Apache), virtual private […]