Security Partners

Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto Networks is an established security market leader, providing a wide suite of enterprise-level next-generation firewalls, with a diverse range of security features.
AlienVault’s SIEM platform unifies all of your essential security tools in one location and combines them with real-time threat intelligence.
Enex Carbon
Enex Carbon are passionate about improving organisational security culture. Their approach looks beyond the traditional technology and processes, and focuses on the human factors that contribute to an effective information security posture. They help organisations manage core information security risks to enable innovation and business transformation.
NEXTDC is one of Australia’s premier data centre providers and hosts some of the biggest public and private cloud providers in the world.
Cisco Sourcefire
Cisco's Sourcefire is leader in intelligent security solutions. From a next-generation network security platform to advanced malware protection, Sourcefire provides customers with its Agile Security technology.
Equinix is a premium global IBX data centre and colocation provider offering fast application performance and the lowest latency routes worldwide.
443 Networks
443 Networks provides complete network security infrastructure built from the ground up especially for Managed Security Service Providers.
Kaspersky Lab
Well known for protecting everyday consumer PCs, Kaspersky also protect many enterprise networks. The Tesserent security platform takes full advantage of their Anti-Virus software.
Nextgen Group
Nextgen Group is a leading supplier of network connectivity, Data Centre facilities and cloud services to Australian businesses, government and telecommunications service providers.
Procera Networks
Procera Networks is a provider of intelligent policy enforcement solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection technology that enables network operators to optimise visibility and control of their networks.
Cyren is a provider of email security, Web filtering and antivirus solutions. Tesserent leverages Cyren’s powerful web categorisation engine and anti-spam gateway.
Renowned for accuracy and speed, ClamAV is an antivirus engine that detects trojans, viruses and other related malware. The de facto standard for mail gateway scanning with one million unique IP addresses downloading daily updates.
SURBLs allow you to block messages that have spam hosts that are mentioned in message bodies. Software such as SpamAssassin can parse URIs in message bodies, extract their hosts, and check those against a SURBL list.
The Spamhaus Project tracks spammers and provides real-time anti-spam protection for Internet networks. Spamhaus’ spam-blocking databases are used by many email service providers and Tesserent is no exception.
SpamAssassin is a widely-deployed mail filtering system based on content-matching rules. It uses a variety of mechanisms including header analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases.