Tesserent showcases new cloud services at NEXTDC’s M1 data centre

Tesserent Lunch And Learn NEXTDC M1 Data Centre

June 22, 2015  – Gregor Jeffery

Tesserent recently showcased their data centre hosted security services via a series of Lunch and Learn events at the NEXTDC M1 data centre in Port Melbourne.

“We’ve been in M1 for five months, and already we regard NEXTDC as one of our premier data centre partners in Melbourne,” said Tesserent Marketing Director Gregor Jeffery. “It’s a very impressive facility that clearly reflects the high quality of service that Tesserent customers have grown to expect.”

“What’s appealing to Tesserent about NEXTDC is the neutrality and the ecosystem of service providers operating onsite. We’re also taking advantage of NEXTDC’s expanded colocation services like full racks and quarter racks, as well as the exceptional cloud connectivity options with direct connect to AWS and Microsoft Azure via ExpressRoute.

“In the past, a lack of clarity around cloud computing meant that a lot of companies were hesitant to embrace the new technologies. However as the cloud market has matured in Australia a broad range of companies are now starting to see the cost savings and operating efficiencies. When customers switch to managed security and internet connectivity with Tesserent, they no longer need to invest in a number of physical network appliances. Historically, we used to always deploy our next-gen firewall on a customer’s premises but now we can deliver security from our cloud environment at NEXTDC M1 with considerable cost savings for our customers.”

Tesserent Lunch And Learn NEXTDC Data Centre
Tesserent Lunch & Learn event at NEXTDC M1

NEXTDC’s CEO Craig Scroggie comments, “Tesserent have a great mix of large and small customers with a range of IT needs, and their ability to customise the right IT service has built many long standing relationships with their clients. Tesserent have seen that a mixture of cloud, colocation and consolidation are powerful forces, and are proactively bringing these benefits to market at M1.”

Tesserent has already assisted a number of its customers in their transition to NEXTDC data centres in Melbourne and Sydney. Tesserent’s CEO Keith Glennan has been very pleased with the response from those customers who have already moved in to a NEXTDC facility, observing that “There is obviously a lot of choice in the data centre market in Australia, but NEXTDC understands that beyond providing state-of-the-art facilities, what makes a difference to our customers is the added value: streamlined processes; the ability to use the data centre as a 24/7 extension of the customer’s office; chill-out facilities to make IT staff comfortable and welcome when they visit the data centre; and a genuine willingness to help.”

For more information on Tesserent’s Lunch and Learn events at NEXTDC’s data centres, contact Tesserent on
03 9880 5555.

Tesserent Lunch And Learn NEXTDC Data Centre
Tesserent Lunch & Learn event at NEXTDC M1


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