Cybersecurity Solutions

Tesserent is a full-service cybersecurity and cloud services provider (Cyber 360), partnering with clients from all industries and all levels of government.

Cyber Security Solutions For New Zealand Businesses & Government in 2023

At Tesserent, we are a global leader in providing full-service cybersecurity solutions. With offices across New Zealand, our team partners with clients to protect their digital assets from cyber threats in the business and government sectors.

Our highly trained and certified professionals possess a deep understanding of information security issues and have the capabilities necessary to help our clients stay one step ahead. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring that companies can maintain their productivity while safeguarding their data.

Common Cyber Threats and Incidents

  • Cyber Attacks causing downtime or major disruptions

  • Ransomware acts where malicious software blocks or encrypts your data and asks for money to decrypt the data.

  • Insider threats caused by employees in the organisation

  • Phishing attacks where fraudulent comms are sent through emails.

  • SQL Injection when the attacker injects a piece of code into the SQL database.

  • DNS Tunneling, Denial of service attacks, zero-day exploits, man in the middle attacks, DDoS attacks and more

Managed Cyber Security Solutions

We offer a variety of managed cybersecurity solutions designed to protect your organisation's digital assets. Our services include cybersecurity risk assessment, network security solutions, cloud security services, application security services, penetration testing, data protection solutions, and secure communications protocols and encryption technology. Our team manages, detects, and defends your business and customers' data from malicious actors.

Data Analytics & Intelligence Solutions

Our data analytics and intelligence tools provide real-time threat detection capabilities. We utilise advanced analytics to detect and respond faster to cyber threats. Our tools are designed to monitor and alert organisations of any suspicious activity in their networks, giving them the ability to quickly investigate, mitigate, contain, and stop attacks before they cause costly damage or data theft. Our 24/7 SOC centres protect your most valuable assets.

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

We help businesses stay compliant with ever-changing regulations in New Zealand by providing them with the necessary processes, procedures, and technologies needed for successful compliance. This includes helping organisations comply with the Privacy Act and other industry standards such as ISO27001.

Cloud Cyber Security Solutions

We understand the importance of secure cloud deployments and offer a range of cloud security solutions, such as identity and access management, data centre security, network segmentation, and others. We provide cloud security assessments that help organisations identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in their environment.

Tesserent Cyber Security Solutions Advisory Team in New Zealand

Our cybersecurity advisory team partners with your internal staff to translate technical impacts into business risk and guide your organisation to become more resilient, ensuring the best return on investment for your cybersecurity requirements.

At Tesserent, we develop innovative cybersecurity solutions that are customised to meet the specific needs of our clients in New Zealand. We are committed to helping businesses protect their digital assets from threats and keep up with the changing times. With our trusted team of experts providing end-to-end support, we can ensure your organisation is always well-protected in 2023 and beyond.