Security a shared responsibility in successful cloud migration

July 04, 2022 • In The Media
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Digital transformation and transitioning systems and applications to the cloud have been major business initiatives over the last few years. Article by Simon Ciantar, Cloud Architecture Manager. Published by Technology Decisions

But the journey to success is littered with missteps and projects that have run overtime or over budget. When we strip away the noise and look at where those failures occur, it is rarely related to the technology.

Transitioning services to the cloud is not just a technical project, it’s about how you do business, and that requires buy-in and planning from across the organisation. Organisations that look at cloud transitions as a cost-saving exercise are missing the point. A cloud transition that complements your digital transformation strategy is a powerful business enabler. It allows you to become more agile and more competitive. Businesses need to think carefully about their security model. A security strategy that is designed around on-prem systems is unlikely to be suitable for the cloud. Cloud security is a shared responsibility.