Client Story: DevOps Framework

July 01, 2022 • Client Story
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Our client’s IT Division is progressing on its DevOps journey and has sought to improve the two core functions of development and operations. While the product development teams work well with the customer, translating requirements into operational capability needs to be refined.

Tesserent was engaged to analyse the current approach and to identify improvements that could be operationalised quickly and efficiently.

Project Delivery

The client IT Division embraced DevOps for the promise of faster solution delivery, lower cost model and the ability to reduce technical debt. Tesserent worked with representatives of the various IT Division teams to determine what issues had been identified by the client with the current approach. It was quickly ascertained that communication and cooperation between teams needed to be improved and that improved quality processes would assist the client.


Tesserent developed, presented, and delivered a quality assurance methodology (in effect a “how to” guide) to develop any solution through any development lifecycle and apply a lightweight but mature quality assurance process. Additionally, Tesserent provided a framework for an ICT Pattern Library. The artefacts have been made accessible to all IT Division personnel to enable solutions to be crafted from reusable elements.

The engagement of Tesserent and the deliverables were completed over a compressed one-month timeframe. The resultant product provided the client with a practical and operational methodology and pattern library to guide their application development improvement program.

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