Ensuring Peak Performance: Tesserent's Comprehensive Support for Splunk Environments

July 09, 2024 • Blog
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Ronnie Meekers, Consulting Partner
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As enterprises increasingly rely on data-driven insights to steer their business strategies, ensuring their IT infrastructure's optimal performance and continuous evolution becomes paramount.

Splunk, a leader in providing comprehensive security, observability, and data analytics solutions, is a crucial component in this ecosystem.

However, many enterprises implement Splunk in a "set it and forget it" manner, hoping its scalability and versatility will ensure ongoing, seamless operation. The reality is that without ongoing maintenance and tuning, the performance of Splunk deployments can degrade over time. Even if a Splunk instance is implemented expertly by a Splunk engineer from the beginning, ongoing maintenance and refinement from a knowledgeable engineer is essential to ensure teams gain maximum value from their Splunk deployment.

When problems arise, a significant Splunk skills gap means these teams need help managing and optimising their on-prem Splunk environment, leading to inefficiencies and potential security risks.

Training existing staff in Splunk certification can be costly and time-consuming, with a long time to value.

Turnkey Support for Upgrades and Maintenance: Tesserent’s “Safe Pair of Hands” for Splunk Upkeep

Enter Tesserent. Our Splunk Practice Consultants are certified Splunk Architects and Splunk Core Certified Consultants, the highest level attainable. Our engineers are certified to implement Enterprise Security (SIEM), User Behaviour Analytics (UBA), Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR), and IT Service Intelligence (ITSI).

With Tesserent, enterprises can ensure their Splunk environment is expertly managed and optimised, enabling them to leverage data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.

The Tesserent team focuses on maximising the value of your Splunk investments across security, monitoring and user experience by honing in on the following key areas:

  • Infrastructure and Scalability Issues: Ensuring that the Splunk infrastructure scales appropriately is critical as data volumes grow. This involves balancing the load across various components, planning for future data growth, and potentially dealing with geographic distribution, which can introduce network latency. Optimising network environments and ensuring redundancy is essential to maintain performance​​.

  • Complexity of Maintenance: Regular maintenance, such as powering down indexers, requires careful planning to avoid data loss and ensure system availability. Tasks like enabling maintenance modes and managing cluster masters can be complex and time-consuming​.

  • Performance Tuning: Keeping Splunk's search performance optimal requires continuous tuning. This includes managing network latency, configuring load balancers, and ensuring data is transmitted securely and efficiently. Additionally, routine monitoring for performance issues and proactive troubleshooting are necessary to keep the system running smoothly​​.

  • Security and Compliance: Ensuring data security and compliance is a significant challenge. This involves implementing encryption, secure communication protocols, and regular security updates. Maintaining a high level of security is crucial, especially when dealing with sensitive data across different geographical locations​​.

  • Resource Management: Another challenge is efficiently managing CPU, memory, and storage resources. This includes scaling up (adding more resources to existing machines) or scaling out (adding more instances of components) based on the workload and data volume. Planning for high availability and disaster recovery is essential to ensure continuous operation and data integrity​.​

Addressing these challenges, Tesserent takes a strategic approach to the design, implementation, and ongoing management of Splunk deployments, ensuring they meet your organisation's evolving needs.

Tesserent's Capabilities in Maintenance and Upkeep of Splunk Deployments

Tesserent offers a comprehensive suite of services focused on the maintenance and optimisation of Splunk deployments. We ensure that businesses can maximise their investment and maintain optimal performance by focusing on the following:

1. Architecture Review and Guidance

  • Best Practices Implementation: Leveraging best practice guidelines from Splunk and over a decade of experience, Tesserent provides valuable guidance on optimising Splunk architecture, including search heads, indexers, and forwarders​​​​.

  • Scalability Planning: Tesserent helps design scalable architectures to handle growing data volumes and user demands, ensuring future-proof deployments​​​​.

2. Technical Assessments and Performance Optimisation

  • Comprehensive Reviews: Conduct detailed assessments of technical environments, including hardware specifications, VM configurations, and OS settings, to identify areas for improvement​​.

  • Performance Tuning: Regular tuning and optimisation services to enhance performance, including disk performance, indexing, and search head performance improvements​​​​.

3. Data Collection and Management

  • Health Checks: Tesserent evaluates data collection methods to ensure optimal data ingestion, classification, and indexing. We provide recommendations for filtering out low-value data and focusing on high-value data​​.

  • Data Retention and Archiving: Establishing data retention and archiving policies to meet regulatory compliance and manage storage efficiently​​.

4. Splunk Version and Application Management

  • Version Assessments: Keeping Splunk environments up-to-date by assessing current versions and recommending upgrade pathways to leverage new features and improvements​​.

  • Application Utilisation: Recommending appropriate Splunk applications from Splunkbase based on existing data sources to enhance visibility and operational intelligence​​.

5. Operational Support and Skill Development

  • Ongoing Maintenance: Our team can provide continuous maintenance services to address architectural changes, user additions, upgrades, and storage limitations​​​​.

  • Skill Gap Assessment: Evaluating the operational focus and Splunk expertise within an organisation, providing training and on-premise expertise to enhance skills and maximise Splunk usage​​.

6. Incident Response and Forensics

  • 24/7 SOC Services: Tesserent’s Security Operations Center (SOC) delivers round-the-clock monitoring and incident response services to ensure quick detection and mitigation of security threats​.

  • Forensic Analysis: Our team can partner with you to conduct thorough forensic analyses and investigations to understand and respond effectively to security incidents​.​

Maintain Peak Splunk Performance with Tesserent’s Reliable Support

As an enterprise security specialist, Splunk Elite partner, and certified Splunk professional services practice, Tesserent’s Splunk Practice supplies Splunk software licensing and consulting services to enterprise and government customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Ensure your Splunk environment performs at its peak with Tesserent’s turnkey support services. Contact us today to arrange a Splunk Health Assessment and let our certified experts provide the maintenance and upgrades your system needs. Partner with Tesserent for reliable, ongoing support and maximise the benefits of your Splunk deployment.

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