Whitepaper: Microsoft 365 Backup

July 04, 2022 • Whitepaper
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With many organisations using Microsoft 365 as their central collaboration and communication platform, the Microsoft 365 platform hosts your business-critical data, configurations, and workflows that could cause significant impact on your organisation if lost or corrupted.

Depending on the licensing model you have subscribed to, you may be eligible to access some native services provided by Microsoft that can provide some secure cloud strategy & protection to your data using a retention policy. These services allow you to retain data even if deleted by the user within your Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams services.

Unfortunately, a retention policy only allows you to recover the data, but not the configuration or structure of a mailbox, OneDrive or SharePoint site. In addition, if an account becomes corrupt, infected by malware or breached by a ransomware attack, then this also impacts the data within the retention policy.

Read below to understand more why you should consider using a 3rd party backup service for your Microsoft 365 Migration data.