24/7 Cybersecurity Continuous Monitoring Centre in Sydney

Tesserent’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Sydney is a dedicated team of experts that can manage all, or a part, of your environment for you. Our service can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or via a secure connection, and all are managed and monitored in our locally-based 24×7 SOC.

Continuous cybersecurity monitoring centre in Sydney

Proactive, 24x7 threat detection is beyond the resources of most Sydney-based organisations. We work with you to tailor a managed security service that addresses your situation. Our managed detection and response service in Sydney reduce infrastructure costs and workload, while increasing scalability and security.

Our service is deployed into your environment, providing coverage for your entire technology footprint - from the cloud and SaaS, on-premise and dedicated infrastructure, security monitoring and analytics, to operational technology and Internet of Things technology - This is all monitored and protected from our locally 24/7 Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC).

We provide cybersecurity solutions to monitor, analyse, prevent, detect, investigate, respond (alert) & report on your cyber threats around the clock (24/7). Our Sydney cybersecurity continuous monitoring centre (SOC) deals with security issues on an organisational and technical level.

The expertise of our people, the superiority of our technology and a commitment to transparent and highly visible processes define us. We are the only Australian-owned company of this scale, offering these services. Our clients are empowered to partner with us for end-to-end security

Skilled Cyber Professionals
across Australia and New Zealand

between our Security Analysts and Engineers

Incident engagements
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Clients globally
Iconic organisations, government agencies and critical infrastructure

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Securing our region’s digital assets for the future.

Core Services

The 24/7 SOC monitoring is a key part of Tesserent’s Cyber 360 offering. Core services delivered by the SOC are:

Our People

Patrick Butler

Managing Partner - SOC, IT Systems & Brand

Prior to being purchased by Tesserent, Pat was previously the CEO at Tesserent Secure for 15 years. After being purchased by Tesserent, his attention has been purely focused on the Tesserent SOC and delivering capability based on customers' needs. Patrick has engaged with hundreds of clients and understands the unique challenges posed by cybersecurity threat actors.

Kelly Clapham

Senior Partner - Cybersecurity Strategic and SOC

Kelly has 19 years of experience in the IT industry, with the last 10 focused on cybersecurity operations. He established the SOC for a large NZ MSP, moving to Tesserent 7+ years ago to bring his extensive local knowledge and experience including a deep understanding of the NZ market.

Lizana Muir

Partner - SOC Delivery & Operations

With 18+ years of working in the IT and communication industry and leveraging previous experience within the military, police and SaaS companies, Lizana is now focused on leading the SOC at Tesserent. She oversees the SOC Delivery and Operations teams and is focused on exceptional client experience through coordinating and managing customer deliverables.

Luke Payne

SOC Director

Luke brings 15+ years of experience in IT and Cyber Security Operations, overseeing Tesserent’s entire team of analysts, engineers and threat hunters in the Global Cyber Security Operations Centre. He brings a wealth of knowledge including Specialist Incident Response and Digital Forensics skills, as a result of specialised training from the Australian Defence Force Academy.

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