A 15-year relationship with K&S Freighters focusing on performance and reliability

March 01, 2022 • Client Story
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K&S Freighters was rapidly expanding and needed to ensure its growing business network and operations were secured. A series of corporate acquisitions meant the company had to manage disparate legacy systems and an increased number of users, without the required internal skills or resources.

The Business Needs

K&S Freighters is a leading provider of road, rail and sea transport solutions, including export packing, wharf lodgement and the delivery of integrated supply chain and systems solutions to key customers. The company went through a series of acquisitions in the early 2000’s which, along with impressive organic growth, significantly increased the size of the company. A secure internet presence was increasingly critical for the smooth day to day running of the business and it was clear that K&S Freighters’ incumbent solution was insufficient to provide the level of scalable expertise required.

The Solution

Tesserent, previously known as Pure Security, was able to offer K&S Freighters a multi-layered security solution at a highly competitive price, which delivered all the company’s requirements to manage email, web filtering and the VPNs to multiple sites. Tesserent materially improved the performance of K&S Freighters’ network by introducing a superior technical and monitoring platform and rapid response service agreement.

Over the years, K&S Freighters has continued to build a dominant position in the Australian market through a series of mergers and acquisitions. This has required fundamental changes to its infrastructure. During these changes, Tesserent has worked hand in hand with K&S Freighters, in both a technical and advisory capacity, to ensure that its managed security service is optimally configured. We have expanded our development from an original two box solution, to securing over 65 locations. Tesserent has also provided technical insights, outside of its original remit,to ensure that K&S Freighters implemented a network that is optimal for their needs.

Enhanced performance

  • Increased network speed and stability

  • Seamless security appliance upgrades – always the fastest hardware

Boosted Productivity
  • Improved security has also optimised
    the speed and efficiency of the
  • Expert network engineer advice has ensured optimal infrastructure upgrades


  • 35% reduction in Network Security overheads
  • Day to day management and maintenance of network security reduced significantly

Peace of Mind

  • 24/7/365 days a week monitoring
  • Fast response times and efficient support service from Tesserent’s team of experts
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