WiFi Testing

The very convenience and flexibility of WiFi introduces unique risks.

WiFi penetration testing is important for organisations with large-scale wireless network infrastructure.

What will you gain from WIFI testing?

  • Understand the real risks from your wireless deployment.
  • Ensure your systems can withstand a motivated and highly skilled attacker.
  • Receive detailed and prioritised mitigation strategies to increase your ability to identify and repel attacks.
  • Receive a comprehensive report outlining the security exposures of your wireless network, including high impact recommendations and root causes.
  • Enhanced protection of your business cybersecurity intelligence, data and IT systems, brand and reputation.

How Tesserent tests your WIFI:

All our technical assurance & testing services are fully customised to your environment and deployment model. We have developed a proven methodology to test for wireless flaws which includes:

  • Wireless network identification including wireless fingerprinting, information leakage and signal leakage.
  • Encryption weaknesses such as encryption cracking, wireless sniffing and session hijacking.
  • 802.1x authentication attacks, de-authentication and brute force attacks, both online and offline.
  • Access control bypass techniques like NAC bypass, Firewall bypass and Denial of Service bypass.
  • Client attacks such as rogue access points, end user exploitation and session hijacking.
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