AWS Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protecting on-premises and public cloud workloads with managed agentless and cloud native backup and replication services.

We provide fully managed AWS Cloud backup, snapshot and replication services with simple consumption-based pricing and a range of recovery options for Australian companies, government agencies & departments.

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iTWire Interview: World Backup Day with Tesserent CIO Michael McKinnon

A big part of cybersecurity in 2022 is not just backing up your data, but knowing what to backup, and testing it all. To discuss this and plenty more, Tesserent CIO Michael McKinnon joins Alex Zaharov-Reutt and iTWire TV for a chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my data stored?

All data is retained in Australia, except when a customer requests otherwise e.g. in another Azure or AWS region.

How do I know it is secure?

Tesserent Secure Cloud services employ numerous physical and logical measures to protect the security and integrity of client systems and data. The services have been certified as compliant with ISO27001 and PCI-DSS. Specifically for backup and storage, Tesserent employs encryption in transit and offers AES encryption at rest using native tools / key management. There are many other measures relating to physical security, network security and logical security. For example, Firewall rules are in place to block known threats and lock down unnecessary ports. Border firewalls employ comprehensive intrusion prevention, antimalware, and antivirus etc

What clouds do you protect?

Most public cloud vm and container services and many of the most widely used SaaS services.

Can you protect MS365, Salesforce and Google Workplace?


Can you offer long term data retention and archive storage?

Yes, we can provide costs effective, scalable long term storage and restoration services.

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