Secure Multi Cloud Connectivity

Securely connecting customers seamlessly to cloud services and other IT services. Leverage our deep expertise in networking and cybersecurity.

We help our customers navigate complex connectivity requirements to deliver flexible and resilient outcomes.

Our services include:

  • Managed Secure Internet and Cloud Connectivity
  • Managed SDWAN, SASE, Firewall
  • Managed DC, LAN and Cloud Networking
  • Architectural and Design Services

    How we can assist:

    • Secure and flexible options to rapidly to increase bandwidth and reduce latency.
    • Gives your organisation the ability to rapidly initiate and change what would otherwise be complex network additions and changes - ability to scale up/down within minutes,
    • Flexibility to connect across multiple geographic locations in minutes,
    • Public Peering – Fast dedicated Connectivity to Microsoft 365 Azure, AWS, and many other Services,
    • Expertise to provide advice, design, and management for an end-to-end delivery for connectivity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What SDWAN technology do you offer and support?

    The Tesserent network engineering operations have a broad skill set and have particularly strong skills in Fortinet, Palo Alto and Cisco Meraki.

    Why would I select you over a telecommunications company like Telstra?

    Tesserent is a technology, cybersecurity and managed services company with deep networking and security expertise. This is what differentiates us from a telco with bolt-on tech services. We are also agnostic in the selection of telco carrier services, providing customers with the right mix of connectivity solutions, with options for comprehensive operational and security services.

    What types of carrier services do you offer?

    A very wide range of options are available to optimise functionality and cost: Dark Fibre, Internet Transit, IP Transit with integrated cloud connectivity, Public Peering, Wireless, Satellite…

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