Security Awareness Programs and Training

Can your staff recognise phishing emails? What would they do with the USB they found in the carpark? Would they access work email via public WiFi?

How we can assist:

People, Process and Technology are the three pillars of control under which all other cybersecurity controls reside. A structured and operationally relevant Awareness Training program is critical to manage the risk your people present to Information Security.

Tesserent’s Security Awareness Training Packages comprise:

  • content relevant for your staff,
  • delivered either face to face or through the use of technology platforms
  • and, importantly, an end-to-end governance structure to support an ongoing program of security awareness across your organisation.

Key elements and outcomes of the program:

  • Understand the training needs specific to your organisation and implement content relevant to your organisation’s size, structure and industry,
  • Identify responsibilities and accountabilities for the management and control of the Security Awareness program,
  • Give your staff the knowledge to prevent, detect and manage security risks with Tesserent, the #1 cybersecurity company in Australia.
  • Tools to train staff, consultants, contractors and third parties in your organisation’s security awareness requirements and control your business risks,
  • Reports for Senior Management on the status of your training program rollout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of topics do you cover in your face-to-face Cybersecurity Awareness training?

We cover all the basics to keep your company, and your employees, safe from exploitation:

    • Passwords – so many people still don’t know what a “strong” password is,
    • Physical security – great if your offices have access cards, and security,
    • Bad USB and Public WIFI – great for staff who travel often,
    • Social Media and Privacy – general advice to match your own policies,
    • Phishing – still the number one issue most organisations deal with.

In what way is your Cybersecurity Awareness Training tailored?

Our cybersecurity training is different! It’s tailored to:

  • your employees’ job types
  • your industry’s particular cybersecurity challenges
  • your company and audience’s current security maturity
  • include specific examples from your company.

How is your Cybersecurity Awareness Training delivered?

Our Information Security Training is delivered:

    • face-to-face, at a location of your choosing, in a classroom style, or
    • via video conferencing – and we keep it engaging and interactive!

Through our partner Proofpoint, we can also assist you with ongoing programs of on-demand training and simulated phishing email tests.

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