24x7 Cybersecurity Operations Centres (SOC)

The Tesserent SOC is a world class, ISO 27001 certified facility where our team of dedicated cybersecurity specialists monitor and manage your environment.

Let our dedicated team of experts manage all, or a part, of your environment for you. Our service can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or via a secure connection, and all are managed and monitored in our locally-based 24×7 SOC.

Proactive Cyber Threat Detection and Intelligence: Secure Digital Eye

Record > Detect > Protect > Investigate > Respond

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Proactive, 24x7 threat detection is beyond the resources of most organisations. We work with you to tailor an outsourced security service that addresses your situation. Our managed security services reduce infrastructure costs and workload, while increasing scalability and security.

Tesserent’s Secure Digital Eye Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) offers a highly scalable, easy to deploy & consume managed Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) & SOC service.

We monitor, analyse, prevent, detect, investigate, respond (alert) & report on your cyber threats around the clock (24/7). The security operations centre (SOC) deals with security issues on an organisational and technical level. It comprises the three building blocks for managing and enhancing an organization's security posture: people, processes, and technology or ‘Human Led, Machine Driven Security’.

The Tesserent Secure Digital Eye Service focuses on incident detection and response, combining compliance reporting, log aggregation, endpoint data ingestion, real-time indexing, and powerful log search capabilities. By analysing this activity across your organization’s networks, endpoints, servers, and databases around the clock, our SOC team is critical to ensure timely detection and response of security incidents, regardless of source, time of day, or attack type.

Our Tesserent Secure Digital Eye service directly addresses the gaps found in many of today’s managed SIEM/SOC services – providing our clients an opportunity to truly partner with us for end-to-end security:

  • Extend your protection against a wider range of attack types
    Protect against major attacks, from commodity malware to sophisticated attacks, with one service.
  • Expand your team’s capabilities by leveraging our experts
    Leverage our partnerships with leading security solutions and have access to certified cybersecurity experts.
  • Fast track your security uplift
    Rapidly achieve the highest level of endpoint protection with seamless cloud & web security through partnership with our team vs in-house upskilling.

Secure Digital Eye Features:

  • Easy and quick implementation - 100% cloud native,
  • Monitoring, Triage, and Response through our Australian based SOC,
  • Platform configuration, management and troubleshooting,
  • Pro-active Threat Hunting,
  • Access to skilled Security Analysts,
  • Custom alert design and deployment,
  • Access to customisable dashboard(s) and raw log data,
  • Reporting summarising recommended actions to mitigate risk,
  • Service Review meetings to discuss reports and remediation recommendations,
  • A Dedicated Client Services Manager to act as client advocate for you within Tesserent, provide monthly reports and recommendations, and to be your initial escalation point.

Firewall attack example

Watch a random 30 second snippet of attempted firewall attacks, recorded at our Box Hill SOC. This shows a replay of firewall blocks by our appliance, using geolocation on the source and destination IP address – blocks with the same destination port will show up in the same colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of attacks does Secure Digital Eye protect against?

Examples of common attacks our experienced SOC analysts are trained to combat are Brute Force attacks, Password Spray attack, Trojan attack & Phishing attacks.

What are your subscription options?

Standard (Mon-Fri, 09:00-18:00), Premium (Mon-Sun, 08:00- 20:00), Enterprise (Mon-Sun, 24x7).

Who works in your SOC? How experienced are they?

Our SDE SOC is staffed with senior security analysts and engineers, with many years of experience in the security vertical, as well as Operational & SOC managers who oversee security operations. SOC staff work closely with your organisation’s response team via our established playbooks, to ensure security issues are addressed quickly upon discovery.

Our analysts are trained to identify anomalous activity that could be indicative of a security incident or compromise, complimented by machine learning technology, ultimately designed to monitor abnormalities/algorithms to define patterns within security events through stringent correlation & triage activities, underpinned by highly scrutinised security frameworks.

Where is your SOC based?

Tesserent have established, Australian-based Security Operations Centres located in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Do you offer standard playbooks?

Yes, we offer a range of playbooks that address a number of common security threats and vulnerabilities.

What’s the role of the Service Delivery Manager?

Your dedicated Service Delivery Manager acts as client advocate for you within Tesserent and is your initial escalation point. They provide detailed monthly & quarterly reporting will cover key recommendations based on our platform’s findings.

The main responsibilities of the Service Delivery Manager are:

  • Oversee the delivery of services and service technology to our customers
  • Ensure that all subscribed services are consistently being delivered within SLA and to Tesserent standards
  • Manage the relevant SLA and ITIL processes
  • Ensure that all subscribed risk and insight reporting is delivered as per SLA
  • Delivery of the subscribed Service Review meetings
  • Maintain regular contact with the customer and evaluate feedback to develop quality improvements
  • Have a clear understanding of the customers subscribed service(s) and be focused on driving continual service improvement activities
  • Work with the Account Manager to develop and manage additional projects related to our service.
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