Critical Infrastructure (Utilities, Transport & Logistics)

Tesserent works with more than 20 of the top Energy Firms in Australia and New Zealand and with diverse clients from all other Critical Infrastructure sectors.

Utilities, Transport & Logistics Cybersecurity Specialists

The days of the vertically integrated utility that delivered services in a rigid way are behind us. Customers demand a personalised experience that uses data securely and intelligently. That demands secure data storage and processing systems that give utilities a competitive advantage. All of this is happening in a changing regulatory environment that is under increased scrutiny.

Critical infrastructure depends on the secure and reliable exchange of information to ensure all parties in the supply chain have access to what they need, when they need it. Given the ongoing changes and subsequent pressures being placed on the critical infrastructure sector, leveraging the skills and talent of a trusted partner is critical so your teams can focus on your core business.

Tesserent boasts a number of globally recognised industry certifications and has an expert team that covers everything from governance, risk and compliance through red and blue teaming, penetration testing and also boasts a 24x7 ISO27001 certified Security Operations Centre.

Tesserent works with more than 30 of the top Energy and Water providers in Australia and New Zealand and with diverse clients from all other Critical Infrastructure sectors.

Tesserent can partner with you to ensure you meet your customer and regulatory needs while ensuring you protect customer data and intellectual property. Speak with a Critical Infrastructure security consultant today.

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Security Advisory

Our consultants partner with organisations to advise on corporate governance, risk and regulatory compliance.

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Technical Assurance & Testing

Tesserent Assurance is a large team of local offensive cybersecurity experts. We'll assess your network, systems, applications and people for technical vulnerabilities.

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24x7 Cybersecurity Operations Centre (SOC)

Tesserent’s home-grown, world-class SOC delivers Australia’s most comprehensive approach to cybersecurity 24 hours a day.

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Managed Solutions for Cloud, Infrastructure and Your People

Tesserent delivers managed services across the full infrastructure stack and for end user enablement, supported by our 24 x 7 service desk.

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Cloud Services

Tesserent provides enterprise-grade, secure cloud solutions. We deliver value, flexibility and experience to our clients.

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Data & Analytics

Machine data is at the core of any organisation. Organisations generate gigabytes of machine generated data every day: potentially a rich source of insights.

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