Q&A Series: Converged Security

February 15, 2022 • Video
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Our panel of security experts, including Darren Kane CSO nbn, tackle a series of questions addressing the emerging discipline that is Converged Security.

What are some examples of the types of cyber-physical threats that require a hybrid risk mitigation response?

How does Converged Security fit in with Enterprise Security Risk Management?

What is the current state of play? How many organisations have converged their physical security and cybersecurity functions? What benefits have they derived as a result?

Are there different converged organisational models? Who controls the budget? Who makes the decisions?

How do you identify physical assets that have digital links? Is there a framework for assessing the vulnerability of assets?

We have a number of CCTV cameras on an IP system and we're looking at using a 3rd party to provide data analysis (i.e. to receive data such as vehicle license plates, make, model, etc as opposed to having specific licene plate camers). I'm concerned about the security implications of giving a 3rd party access to that data and what measures we need to put in place to ensure that's protected.

Darren is clearly an expert across security risk and can therefore manage end to end. How many people can do this in A/NZ - is there a lack of suitably qualified people? Is this a barrier to converged security? Part B. Wondering if part of the impediment to convergence is a tendancy in companies to assume the best people to do protective security are ex-cops/ex-soldiers, who rarely have the relevant cyber-security background. Thoughts?