Human Protection Controls

Identity and Access Management in New Zealand (IAM) controls keep your workforce safe, no matter where and how they access your systems.

Your people work from anywhere, using a range of devices and accessing applications and data that are growing in diversity. Protecting the digital identity of each and every team member is critical.

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Each and every individual in your organisation represents the modern “edge of the network” as it relates to your cybersecurity. Your people work from anywhere, use a range of computing devices and access applications & data that are constantly growing in diversity.

Adversaries commonly look to gain unauthorised access to the digital identity of one of your people, in order to masquerade as that person within the organisation. With compromised credentials the adversary can perform a range of devastating attacks including theft of critical data, lateral movement, privilege escalation, social engineering and more. Protecting the digital identity of each and every team member in your organisation represents a critical capability that organisations across all industries, sizes and geographies must look to implement and mature.

Beyond the digital identity of their team members, New Zealand organisations are also responsible for the digital identity of their customers. As the custodian of a customer’s identity, the organisation needs to create and enforce strong identity protection practices for the identities that are entrusted to them, and prevent them from being used maliciously by modern threat actors.

As part of Tesserent’s critical product controls, identity forms a key integration pillar along with other critical controls including web & e-mail. Shadow IT is a rapidly growing threat surface where ex-staff still have access to cloud & 3rd party applications after they have ceased their period of employment with the organisation. This creates an ongoing risk of insider threat & data exfiltration. The ability to monitor for, and control the usage of, Shadow IT is key.

Tesserent delivers this capability with our curated critical product control partners who, individually, represent the industry’s market-defining technology controls and are backed by our onshore team of technical experts.

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