Australians Warned to Strengthen Passwords

May 02, 2022 • In The Media
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With World Password Day looming on 5th May, Michael McKinnon, CIO of Tesserent is warning Australian businesses to strengthen their defences and not just rely on passwords, given the backdrop of heightened risk of cyber-attacks not just from Russia, but also attackers from other parts of the world. Australian Cyber Security Magazine

“With cyber-attacks at an all-time high, it is critical that Australian businesses do not rely solely upon passwords for data protection. Strong and unique passwords are critical, but must be accompanied by identity management testing platforms that offer multi-factor authentication or biometrics. Never underestimate the ability for foreign and local threat actors to easily steal and crack passwords,” he warns.

“With global cybersecurity challenges evolving, passwords as a sole protector are no longer enough, and haven’t been for a while. If your business doesn’t do more, then you’re already well behind the curve and at significant risk,” stresses Michael.