Critical Product Controls

Tesserent has a highly curated set of critical product controls which can be rapidly deployed and integrated in New Zealand.

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Traditional security tools have created significant gaps in visibility, detection & response capabilities for security teams. To address the cybersecurity challenges presented by modern New Zealand organisations, Tesserent has a highly curated set of critical product controls which can be rapidly deployed, managed and integrated and are backed by our onshore team to help clients through this security re-architecture process.

With an unprecedented array of cybersecurity product options, organisations are often left confused as to how to make investment decisions that align to their risk profile and business outcome goals.

Our team of consultants will partner with you in this process. Let’s talk.

Computing Asset Controls

Providing protection of your endpoints and technical assets to New Zealand organisations.

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Communication Channel Controls

We’ll help you implement comprehensive email and web security detection and response capabilities in New Zealand.

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Human Protection Controls

Identity and Access Management in New Zealand (IAM) controls keep your workforce safe, no matter where and how they access your systems.

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Third Party Controls

Our expert team will help you implement Cloud Security controls in New Zealand to match your needs.

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