Strategy and Planning

A clearly defined, and implemented, security governance strategy is essential to the successful control of your information and information technology in New Zealand.

How our cybersecurity consulting services can assist:

Understanding the strategic direction for your organisation’s information systems’ management will improve your return on investment, ensure optimised operations and help achieve broader organisational objectives.

Our cybersecurity consults start with a gap analysis of current policies and processes. The aim is to find improvement opportunities identified by the framework review of your security governance.

Strategy and Planning Services in New Zealand can include:

  • Policy and Standards Review — assessment of your current state of Security Governance and Operations,
  • Security Strategy Review — analysis of your future state for Security Governance,
  • Security Strategy Development / Design — development of the IT (Overall) and/or IT Security Strategy for your organisation, focusing on the areas of most risk.
  • Policy and Standards Development — creation and/or modification of security related policies and standards to underpin your strategy and processes.

We start by listening.

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