Tesserent Secure Private Cloud

Tesserent’s New Zealand-based secure cloud service has similar features to Public Cloud services, but tailored to your requirements and implemented in our ISO27001 certified data centres.

Our clients utilise our PCI DSS and ISO 27001 certified secure infrastructure-as-a-service.

This enables access including:

  • VMware, Containers, Windows, Linux on demand
  • Cloud business continuity and disaster recovery in New Zealand
  • Cloud archive and backup
  • Scalable storage services across a range of protocols

      How we can assist:

      • Tailored approach to developing your cloud roadmap, architecture, and operational capability
      • Comprehensive operational management services and automation
      • Flexible contracts and pricing
      • Deep expertise in cloud and infrastructure services
      • PCI DSS and ISO27001 certified
      • Wide platform support
      • Demand driven scalability

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is this a self-service offering in New Zealand?

      Yes, Tesserent Secure Cloud gives you the choice of full self-service controls or delivered as part of a managed service in New Zealand. Easy, self-service consumption and provisioning of cloud services is available through a single pane of glass. The portal provides independent role-based and fine-grained access control across data centres, sites, virtual machines, and applications.

      How does this service compare to AWS?

      There are many differences and similarities. With AWS you select from standard configurations (“standard T shirt sizes”), while Tesserent Secure Cloud is very customisable with unit base pricing. Tesserent has no ingress or egress charges. AWS has the industry’s richest ecosystem of tools and SaaS offerings, and it is well suited to applications “developed in the cloud”. The offerings between providers varies greatly – we can help you develop the right roadmap for selecting the right service for each application.

      Wouldn’t I put all my applications in a hyperscaler cloud service like AWS or Azure?

      The choice of a cloud service depends on many factors. A key factor is cost. For any given application scenario, any one of Azure, AWS, Google or Tesserent Cloud could deliver the lowest cost depending on the nature of the application and dataset. Also, each cloud service has very different capabilities in terms of DEVOPS, analytics, SaaS and security. It is really a matter of analysing the application stack to determine the right roadmap for your organisation. Typically, a mix of cloud providers provides the best outcome. For legacy applications, many organisations see benefit in migrating to a like-for-like virtual machine service, with each provider having different capabilities and cost models in this area. These decisions are also dependent on an organisation’s strategy and objectives. Tesserent can work with you to develop the right roadmap for your cloud journey.

      Do you include Windows licensing in New Zealand?

      Yes, Windows licensing is included

      Do you offer API integration?

      Yes, Tesserent Secure Cloud offers a range of integration APIs for programmatic applications and DevOps

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