Tesserent’s Roadmap To Achieving A Zero Trust Model

February 02, 2022 • Blog
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In the final part of our Zero Trust Model series, we will be speaking about Tesserent's roadmap to achieving the Zero Trust Model.

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With a deep understanding of the Zero Trust Security Framework, Tesserent’s Cybersecurity Strategy, General Manager – Kelly Clapham and the Cyber Defence Consulting Team Leader, Adam Robinson, designed Tesserent’s road map to Zero Trust to meet all the challenges of implementing the Zero Trust Architecture.

The team at Tesseren have developed a zero-trust maturity model and project plan that delivers the solution at your pace. We continuously develop our maturity model that will assist your organisation to implement zero-trust at a speed that your organisation can absorb.

Kelly and the cyber defence consulting team know full well that you cannot implement and adopt zero trust overnight, so our plan delivers each technology component at the right time. The purpose of the maturity model is to ensure you achieve and successfully implement a zero-trust model wherever you are in your journey. Just like every organisation is different in size, many are at different stages of the Zero Trust journey. Some organisations have limited security controls or visibility and may need further assistance. Enterprises may have invested in existing technologies already but lack the time or resources to implement and effectively configure these technologies to achieve Zero Trust.

Once Zero Trust is achieved, it doesn’t end there, technology stacks such as the suite of tools from Microsoft 365 require constant attention, and consistently keeping up with changes to your underlying technology platforms need to be considered. Our road map follows a well-thought-out and time-tested project plan.

Our roadmap has four levels of maturity and at the end of the implementation project, customers of the Tesserent, Zero Trust Service can expect to have a Zero Trust architecture implemented. The team at Tesserent has partnered with Microsoft and aligned the service to the NIST framework for Zero Trust to provide a service that encompasses all of the key areas of a Zero Trust architecture.

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