6 Steps to Secure your Virtual Office

January 07, 2022 • Blog
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As businesses began to execute their cyber security strategies by applying the necessary plans and procedures within the workplace, the shift towards the remote office instantly exposed organisations to an entire new world of security concerns.

It is no longer enough to secure your infrastructure, as workers are interacting with different networks, applications, software and websites on a daily basis. With hackers now being driven by global initiatives to uncover vulnerabilities in the interests of overseas bidders, industrial espionage is on the rise.

The Tesserent Security team recommend 6 critical steps which can instantly enhance the safety of your virtual office:

  1. Real-time alerts with strict protocol explaining the necessary steps to escalate threats
  2. Business continuity plans illustrating instant mission-critical incident response
  3. Multi-factor authentication across your entire organisation
  4. High-performance VPN access, managed offsite to ensure critical data is securely protected from unprecedented attacks
  5. Backup public cloud workloads to a locally based private cloud provider
  6. Ensure all employees have deployed effective antivirus solutions and kept up to date with the latest software and security updates

If you would like assistance to enable scalable security across your organisation, Tesserent’s team of highly specialised technicians are available to review your environment through our selection of cybersecurity advisory services. iQ3 Cloud is PCI DSS and ISO 27001 Certified meaning we can guarantee industry-leading services to ensure that your data is safe with us. Reach out to the team to let us know how we can support your organisation.

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