Web Application Penetration Testing

March 04, 2015 • Blog
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Web applications have become common targets for attackers. Attackers can leverage relatively simple vulnerabilities to gain access to confidential information, frequently containing personally identifiable information.

While traditional firewalls and other network security controls are an important layer of any Information Security Program, they can’t defend or alert against many of the attack vectors specific to web applications. It is critical for an organisation to ensure that its web applications are not susceptible to common types of attack.

Best Practice suggests that an organisation should perform a web application test, in addition to regular security assessments, in order to ensure the security of its web applications.

    Why do you need to test Web Applications?

    • A web application is any program that can be accessed through a web server, such as online banking portals, websites managed by CMS, e-commerce websites, etc. As web applications often provide access to sensitive data this makes them high value target for attackers.
    • Internet-based applications are globally accessible, making them easily probed.
    • If you are going to be attacked, the most common vector is your web application.

    What you gain from application penetration testing

    • By conducting a penetration test, you’ll receive a thorough understanding of the business risks posed by your web applications.
    • Detailed knowledge about the security posture of your web applications.
    • A comprehensive report showing the real and likely attacks that relate to your application.
    • This report details the priority order for security improvements, outlining how to increase the security of your web applications.
    • Enhanced protection of your business intelligence, data and IT systems, brand and reputation.

    How Tesserent tests

    No matter which technique you choose to ensure the security of your web applications, whether it is:

    you can be assured that Tesserent will adapt its web application security verification methodology so that you completely understand the risks posed to your business.

    We have developed a comprehensive Web Application Security Verification Methodology that covers:

    • Authorisation: Access Control, Session Management, Authentication and Backdoors within code
    • Security Configuration: Security Architecture, Error Handling and Logging, Internal Security and Output Encoding
    • Data Protection: Communication Security, Cryptography, HTTP Security and Input Validation

    Tesserent Web Application Penetration Tests are performed by experienced security engineers with many years of experience testing online applications. Our methodology uses the best of manual techniques in combination with automated tools to ensure total application coverage. Tesserent consultants consistently find vulnerabilities beyond what may be found using automated scanning tools alone.

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