A highly available, robust, and accessible data protection regime for Hunter Douglas

August 19, 2021 • Client Story
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Hunter Douglas was finding their legacy backup software and hardware faltering. This was effectively impeding their ability to protect their growing number of business-critical applications, in a manner that was consistent with the ever-increasing demands and expectations of the growing business.

Project Challenges

Extended backup windows meant that they were failing to protect their mission critical applications. The content being protected was often found to be in a non-recoverable state or required unreasonable recovery times for the users.

Hunter Douglas’s IT department were spending countless hours firefighting backup issues and this was handicapping any additional value that they could inject back into the business. This was also inhibiting their ability to stay on top of their workloads, with other elements of their IT environment suffering as a consequence of this firefighting.

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Why iQ3 (now Tesserent)?

Like many IT shops Hunter Douglas have many applications which are running on a range of platforms. They use an IBM i-Series for their main ERP system and they were searching for an organisation that could provide a single Cloud Backup Solution that could cater for this. The ability to accommodate more standard operating systems such as windows servers etc, was also a necessity.

iQ3 were able to provide a fully managed Hybrid Cloud Backup and DR Service for Hunter Douglas which provided them with a highly efficient, economical solution allowing full visibility of their backup and DR environment without investing significant time into it.

This visibility is delivered through iQ3’s daily and monthly tailored backup reports. iQ3 have also empowered Hunter Douglas to perform their own ad hoc backups and restores when desired which has added to the control and efficiency of the service to their end users.

Project Benefits

iQ3’s solution gave Hunter Douglas’ IT department the time to concentrate their energies into projects that could result in greater efficiencies and income for the business. They have also recently deployed a video conferencing solution which has decreased travel costs, saving the business thousands of dollars per month.

Hunter Douglas now have a highly available, robust, and accessible data protection regime which is in line with a business of this standing. The service allows the IT department to share reports highlighting show back and overall data trends. As a follow on from this, they now have an increased understanding of their application performance metrics, data usage, and data growth patterns allowing the IT department ease of budgeting for future growth.

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