Client Story: Business Continuity Planning

June 23, 2022 • Client Story
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Our client is a digital media business specialising in property sales with more than 1,400 people working across three continents. The client’s success and fast growth meant that they needed to revisit their Business Continuity Planning to make sure they were aligned to regulations and prepared to move swiftly should a disaster occur.

Project Delivery

Initiated by the client's CFO, the project commenced with an assessment of the current state. This was used to facilitate Business Workshops with each Business Unit to determine the Critical Business Processes.

These Business Priorities were then analysed, and the BCM framework started to be populated with all required BCP info with regard to these critical business processes.

Utilising Tesserent’s BCP and DR model, we delivered a framework that was reviewed by the business and subsequently finalised and delivered.

Once the framework was delivered, we worked with all The client Executives and conducted a full Business Continuity Rehearsal to test the framework and policies. This was deemed successful and the findings from the rehearsal, along with the complete framework were delivered to our client.


The successful Business Continuity Rehearsal proved that the BCP framework delivered to the client provided the coverage and assurance required for the business as it continues to expand and grow. Throughout the two-month project, we delivered the following key outcomes:

  • Assessment Report

  • Business Continuity Plan

  • Executive Rehearsal Exercise

  • Handover to operations

Moving forward the Business Continuity Plan will be reviewed annually to meet the changing needs of the client as they continue to expand their operation internationally.

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