Insurance Broker now has 24x7 monitoring and access to Tesserent’s cybersecurity experts

February 28, 2022 • Client Story
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Our client is one of Australia’s leading privately owned insurance brokerages whose business offers holistic, ‘onestop’, insurance and risk mitigation solutions, backed by a locally manned 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency claims hotline.

The client was struggling to manage the security and performance of its multiple network devices across numerous offices and locations. They needed a Managed Security partner that could provide 24/7/365 security expertise across a wish-list of security protocols, together with a Security Service Desk to keep pace with their expanding business needs.

After a rigorous selection process, Tesserent, previously known as Pure Security, was selected as the Managed Firewall, Managed Email Filtering and Managed Endpoint Detection provider. Tesserent’s Managed Security Service stood out from the crowd due to the dependability and expertise of its Security Operations Centre team and its 24 hour a day, 7 day a week monitoring capability.

The Solution

Tesserent Managed Services worked closely with the client’s IT team to understand the legacy issues and to design and deploy a robust solution that would address historic problems. Scalability was at the heart of their requirements due to their growth trajectory. It was also essential to provide around-the-clock monitoring and alerts to combat increasingly sophisticated network threats and attacks.

Tesserent mapped out and implemented a seamless upgrade of the existing Firewall, Mail Filtering and Web Filtering configuration including deployment of an End Point Detection solution and a full- service delivery plan.


The transition went smoothly, and the new managed security solution swiftly eclipsed the previous infrastructure in terms of performance, costs, and service delivery.

One of the key benefits for the client is that the Tesserent Managed Services web and mail filters require minimal human intervention, a major change from their previous solution. Whilst previously, staff had no means of releasing emails on their own without time-consuming and cumbersome intervention from the IT team, Tesserent’s solutions ensure that users receive a report detailing their quarantined mail. Users are now empowered to whitelist and release emails, saving considerable time and, in turn, driving productivity.

Post implementation, the Tesserent Operations team now pro-actively monitor the security of the network 24 hours a day, the whole year round. The client receives weekly reports about all relevant activity and Tesserent notifies them immediately of any irregularities. The client has instant, 24-hour access to the Tesserent Service Desk via phone, or can create and track service requests directly through the powerful Tesserent Service portal.

The key benefits of the Tesserent Managed Services solution include:

Improved Performance

Log files are now regularly and routinely checked to gain insight and drive performance.

Enhanced Productivity

Improved security has reduced load on the client’s IT team.


Proven return on investment with a superior solution and flat service cost.

Peace of Mind

24/7/365 days a year monitoring and access to Tesserent’s expert team.

The client has been a very satisfied Tesserent Managed Service customer for three years now.

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