Client Story: Service Integration and Management

June 17, 2022 • Client Story
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Our client is a large Australian Government department with over 65,000 staff, with critical cyber security infrastructure. The Department’s IT organisation was moving to a largely outsourced environment, causing a need for a new and more agile structure that could govern and manage End-to-End Services and Service Integrations between the IT Organisation and its vendors. Organisational structure and processes needed to be adjusted, and an interface had to be developed between the technology solution of the organisation and the various technology solutions of the vendors.

Project Delivery

A new Service Integration and Management (SIAM) organisation had to be designed, developed and implemented in the existing IT organisation. A project was established, called the Service Management Project, which used Agile, IT4IT and ITSM to design and implement the required organisational structures, processes and technologies.

The program started with defining business priorities through extensive workshop engagement with Executives across the organisation. These priorities were translated to strategic Use Cases to define the “To Be” situation of the new organisation and resulted in a high-end roadmap.

Strategic Use Cases were implemented by smaller, multi-disciplined teams, each team supported by a Scrum master. Implementation occurred through daily stand-ups, regular alignment to Use Cases and intensive, weekly progress reporting. Each team complied with the “Two in a box” approach, requiring a business lead and a project lead to run a specific stream together to ensure business alignment with future outcomes. Blockers were dealt with or, if not possible, were parked whilst the team was re-direct to other solvable priorities. Delivered features were accepted and signed off by the “Two in a Box” leaders to ensure acceptance within both organisations.

Understanding of Service Integration and process frameworks (ITIL, IT41T) was invaluable to the project. As the Design Authority, Tesserent’s role in the project was to ensure the architecture of the solution was correct. Tesserent also provided expertise in various sub-areas such as Service Definition, Knowledge Management, Organisational Change Management and various process areas.


Working in conjunction with Fujitsu, this project was delivered over a 25-month period and delivered many benefits including:

  • The project allowed the customer to understand the Service Integration and Management organisation of the future much better

  • Interfaces between the organisation technology and the vendor technology were designed and implemented

  • New processes were designed, developed and implemented to pave the way for Service Integration and Management

  • Service Requests were automated and provided to customers in the form of a Self Service portal

Now implemented, the Department is working towards its longer-term outcome of establishing a “plug and play” enterprise architecture that allows the organisation to seamlessly move between services and vendors in the future. This will deliver faster onboarding of vendors as well as cost efficiencies to the Department.

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