5 tactics for Australian law firms to repel cyber criminals

January 28, 2021 • In The Media
Posted by
Michael McKinnon
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Law firms are entrusted with extremely sensitive information and often transact large amounts of money on behalf of clients. That makes them a prime target for cyber attack. Stolen data can be used to embarrass clients, create false identities and steal funds, writes Michael McKinnon.

While technology can be helpful for detecting and combating online criminals, a well-trained workforce that is aware of the risks and can recognise threats is a crucial line of defence.

Detecting and remediating an attack can be costly both financially and to your firm’s reputation. Making staff aware of their role in protecting the firm helps stop attackers and identify threats before they become a problem.

A cyber security-aware workforce can protect you and your clients. Read here for five tips to help create a great security awareness program.