There’s a new frontier in the war, and these cybersecurity stocks are suddenly back in the spotlight

March 07, 2022 • In The Media
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As heavy fighting in the Ukraine continues into its third week, the world is bracing for a major spillover from the conflict – cyber attacks. Eddy Sunarto, Stockhead

Over the last two weeks, Western governments have warned that geopolitical tensions could trigger massive cyber attacks from Russia or its supporters.

Even the notorious hacker group ‘Anonymous’ has declared war on Russian targets, prompting experts to predict that we could be in for an all-out global cyber warfare for years to come.

In the US, big banks are already preparing their systems for such attacks, following the Biden government’s decision to slap a raft of stringent sanctions on Russia.

Among the threats they’re anticipating are ransomware and malware attacks, denial-of-service attacks, data wiping and theft – possibly all simultaneously.