Q&A Series: Incident Response Planning and Recovery

February 15, 2022 • Video
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Industry experts and practitioners including Mark Smink, CISO JLL and Georg Thomas, CISO Corrs Chambers Westgarth join our panel to discuss best practice Incident Response.

Panic and Forensics: what are the common mistakes made in the heat of the moment, during the heat of the incidence?

Under what circumstances should you pay the ransom?

Disclose or not to disclose: should you disclose even if the breach is relatively minor and would not represent “serious harm”?

How do you develop an internal and external communications plan for a major incident?

Response Planning: where do you start? Are there frameworks you can work through?

Do you think the recent announcement by APRA regarding cyber security focus on the board will drive better reporting obligations and planning for incident response?

How do you develop a testing process for multiple playbooks, with differing triage and escalation levels, so you can convince your stakeholders that your IR will stand up to the heat of battle?