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Providing migration, management operations, and optimisation for AWS, drawing upon the deep expertise of our AWS professionals.

Providing migration, management operations, and optimisation for AWS, drawing upon the deep expertise of our AWS professionals.

AWS Cloud Migration and Optimisation for Melbourne-based Organisations

Tesserent has the expertise and experience to help you migrate safely and securely to AWS. Our services encompass planning, implementation, and migration – and importantly, Tesserent AWS cloud services in Melbourne provide a tailored approach to developing your cloud roadmap, architecture, and operational capability,

The planning phase is critical and typically includes an assessment of workloads, current network architecture, current infrastructure security assessment and the development of an optimised architecture for ensuring a secure Well Managed Framework of the AWS target architecture.

Once migrated, Tesserent will work with you to review the usage on a regular basis, and depending on your changing business requirements recommend optimisations to improve your AWS architecture that will reduce AWS consumption fees, provide an improved security posture, utilise new capabilities to streamline operations or processes and improve scalability and reliability

Why partnering with Tesserent is crucial for your public cloud protection and migration?

In today's digital landscape, businesses are increasingly adopting cloud computing to enhance their operations and stay competitive. AWS cloud offers numerous benefits such as scalability, cost-efficiency, and flexibility. However, it also presents unique security challenges that must be addressed to ensure the protection of your valuable data. That's where Tesserent comes in. As a leading AWS cloud service provider in Melbourne specialising in cybersecurity and managed services, partnering with Tesserent is crucial for your public cloud protection and migration needs.

  • Tailored approach to developing your cloud roadmap, architecture, and operational capability

  • Comprehensive operational management services and automation

  • Deep expertise in Amazon services

  • Cloud cybersecurity assessments, planning and remediation

  • PCI DSS and ISO27001 certified

  • Full assessment of your licensing position, with recommendations to optimise

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tesserent located in Melbourne?

Yes, Tesserent has an office located in Melbourne

What are the risks when migrating to AWS Cloud?

While migrating to the AWS Cloud offers numerous benefits, it's essential to be aware of potential risks and challenges that organisations may face. Some of the risks associated with migrating to AWS Cloud include:

  1. Data Security and Privacy: Moving sensitive data and applications to the cloud introduces potential security risks. Organisations must carefully plan and implement robust security measures, including data encryption, access controls, and compliance with relevant regulations, to protect their data from unauthorised access or breaches.
  2. Service Disruptions and Downtime: Despite AWS's high availability and redundancy measures, service disruptions and downtime can still occur. Organisations must design their architecture and applications to be resilient and implement disaster recovery strategies to minimise the impact of any potential downtime.
  3. Vendor Lock-In: Migrating to AWS Cloud may lead to dependence on specific AWS services and APIs, potentially creating vendor lock-in. Organisations should design their applications and infrastructure in a way that allows for portability and flexibility, enabling them to switch cloud providers if required.
  4. Performance and Latency: Organisations need to consider factors such as network latency, geographic proximity to AWS regions, and the performance of AWS services when migrating applications. It's crucial to assess and optimise the performance of applications to ensure they meet the required response times and user expectations.
  5. Cost Management and Optimisation: While AWS offers cost-effective options, organisations must monitor their resource usage carefully to avoid unexpected costs. Without proper governance and monitoring, cloud resources can be over-provisioned or left running unnecessarily, resulting in increased expenses.
  6. Migration Complexity: Migrating existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud can be a complex process. It requires thorough planning, understanding dependencies, and executing the migration strategy in a way that minimises disruptions to business operations. Failure to plan and execute the migration properly can lead to service interruptions or data loss.
  7. Skills and Training: Organisations may face challenges related to the skills and expertise required to manage and operate their infrastructure in the cloud. Training and upskilling IT staff to understand AWS services, security best practices, and cloud management tools is crucial for a successful migration.
  8. Compliance and Legal Considerations: Organisations operating in regulated industries must ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and legal requirements when migrating to AWS Cloud. This includes data sovereignty, privacy laws, and industry-specific certifications that may be necessary to meet compliance obligations.

To mitigate these risks, organisations should conduct a thorough assessment of their migration strategy, involve experienced cloud architects and security professionals like Tesserent, to implement best practices for security and compliance, closely monitor and optimise costs, and ensure proper training and skill development for their IT teams.

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